SubReader Home makes it possible to get spoken subtitles on Netflix, HBO Nordic and Viaplay. All it requires is a SubReader Home membership.


SubReader Cinema gives you the opportunity to get spoken subtitles on the newest movies, in your local cinema. You only need to download SubReader and go to a SubReader cinema nearby.


SubReader School offer schools an opportunity to include dyslexics in the teaching program. SubReader School enables spoken subtitles on movies/shows used for educational purposes.

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SubReader Home enables you to get the subtitles read aloud on your favorite movies and shows, on both Netflix, Viaplay and HBO Nordic. SubReader Home reads the subtitles aloud through your phone, so you can enjoy the movie with your friends and family, without them hearing the spoken subtitles.

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SubReader gives you the opportunity to get spoken subtitles in your local cinema, for free


See if your local cinema have SubReader


Scan the cinema’s QR code, with the SubReader app


Enjoy the movie with spoken subtitles

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As of now SubReader only works on 2D movies in the cinema


SubReader School offers dyslexic students an opportunity to get the subtitles read aloud when movies are used for education. Being a teacher this means that they can use the most optimal educational content, no matter the language.

SubReader School works with mitCFUFilmcentralenNetflixViaplay and HBO Nordic. It’s easy to get started, and included is a detailed guide and support.

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Get your subtitles read aloud with SubReader, on both iPhone and Android. All you need is to go to either App Store or Google Play store, and download SubReader.

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