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We believe that despite being dyslexic, you shouldn’t be left out of a world of movies.
Here you can see the newest trailers and at the same time try SubReader – you only need to download the app!

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Camilla Hallberg Møller

Today I saw an English movie for the first time in my life.
It was an amazing experience, SubReader has opened a whole new world for me,
and for those who have a hard time reading the subtitles.

Let SubReader take care of the subtitles

SubReader reads the subtitles aloud through a pair of earphones, so you are the only one hearing the spoken subtitles. Choose the movie you want to watch, and open the app on your phone.

To all the movies you love

With SubReader Home you’ll be able to get the subtitles read aloud on all the movies/series Netflix, HBO and ViaPlay.
Lean back, choose your favourite movie and let SubReader take care of the subtitles.

Use SubReader in the cinemas today

Find the local cinemas, that offer subtitles read aloud with SubReader!

SubReader only works on 2D movies in the cinema

SubReader’s features

  • Discrete

    By using SubReader you avoid bothering other cinema goers since the subtitles are read aloud through a pair of earphones.

  • Precise

    SubReader makes sure that the subtitles are read aloud at the exact time they are displayed on the screen – every time.

  • Right at hand

    SubReader is an app on your smartphone and is always within your reach. Ideal if you want to watch a movie on-the-go or while being on vacation etc.

  • Change voices

    Everyone has a preference for which voice they find best. In SubReader you can quickly and easily change to your preferred voice.

  • Scan easily

    All you need to do when going to the cinema is to scan one of our QR codes outside the screening room. That will connect your phone to the cinema automatically.

  • Growing selection

    We are always working on adding new movies, series etc. to the platform, which you can enjoy with friends and family.

Join us for a trip to the cinema

Join us, and experience SubReader in the cinema at one of our cinema trips.
We will tell you a bit about the app, and watch a movie together afterwards.

Use on your computer,
get spoken subtitles through the app

SubReader connects to your computer, so when a movie is playing on Netflix, HBO Nordic or Viaplay, the subtitles will automatically get synchronized with your phone. That makes sure that the subtitles are read aloud at the exact time they are displayed.

SubReader’s funktioner

  • Voksende udvalg

    Vi gør alt hvad vi kan, for at sørge for, at der konstant kommer nye film, som du kan nyde med venner og familie.

  • Scan nemt

    Alt du skal gøre, når du er i biografen, er, at scanne en af vores QR koder. Så forbinder telefonen helt automatisk til biografsalen.

  • Skift stemmer

    Hvilken stemme man bedst kan lide, er en smagssag. Med SubReader, kan du hurtigt og nemt skifte til din foretrukne stemme.

  • Diskret

    Med SubReader undgår du at forstyrre andre biografgængere, da oplæsningen foregår gennem et par hovedtelefoner.

  • Præcis

    Med SubReaders teknologi, sørger vi for, at underteksterne bliver læst op på det rigtige tidspunkt – hver gang.

  • Lige ved hånden

    Da SubReader bare er en app til din smartphone, er den altid lige ved hånden. Ideelt, hvis du f.eks. vil se en film, mens du er på ferie i sommerhus.

See SubReader in real life

Here’s a short clip, that shows how to use SubReader.

Try a month for free

Try SubReader home a whole month for free, and if you don’t like it you can always unsubscribe.

Download SubReader today!

Get your subtitles read aloud with SubReader on both iPhone and Android phones. All you need to do is to go to either App Store or Google Play, where you can download SubReader for free.

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