SubReader so far only works on 2D movies in the cinema

How do I download SubReader?

You can download SubReader on App Store for iPhones and on Google Play Store for Android phones.

What is SubReader Home?

SubReader Home makes it possible to get the subtitles read aloud on Netflix, HBO Nordic and Viaplay.

It only requires a SubReader Home memebership, and a computer to watch your movies/series on.

It’s possible to sign up for SubReader Home here.

SubReader can’t scan the QR code / I get the message “Couldn’t open stream”

First, check that the QR code is properly lighted. If this isn’t the case, it can help to turn on the flashlight on the phone to light the QR code.
If you are using an Android phone, the fault can be that there are no English voices installed on the phone. This can be solved by downloading the English language pack from Google Play store.

  • Open “Play Store” on the phone.
  • Search for “Google Text-to-Speech”.
  • Press on the first result, and choose “Install”.

Next step is to activate the language pack:

  • Open “Settings”, then go to “FIND INDSTILLINGER PATH”.
  • Select “Google Speech Engine” as your default engine.

Restart your phone and scan the QR code again.

The SubReader app scans the code, and a checkmark is shown, but the app does not read aloud.

Please make sure, that the volume is turned all the way up. On Android phones, there are different audio channels (“Ring”, “Media” and “Alarms”), whose volumes can be adjusted separately. Make sure the volume of the “Media” channel is turned all the way up.

  • Press one of the phone’s volumes buttons.
  • This will show an indicator of the volume, which can be expanded by pressing the arrow in the upper right corner (Picture 1).
  • Turn up the volume of the Media channel (Picture 2).

The reading is delayed / choppy / repeated

Option 1

Please check that your phone is connected to a wireless network and that you have access to the internet.
(If there is any ongoing roadwork, this might cause the network connectivity to drop or increase latency, which can cause the reading to be delayed, choppy or repeated)

Option 2

Please close the app and restart your phone.


  • Make sure the app is up-to-date with the newest version in the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS).
  • That your phone’s battery level isn’t too low.
  • That your connected headphones are working properly.
  • That your phone isn’t in flight mode and is connected to the cinema’s WiFi network.


If you are still experiencing issues, please contact:

Anders Thuesen Christian Christensen
+45 23 30 69 30 +45 40 58 68 67

Setup better voices on your iOS device

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you will be able to download some enhanced voices, which sound more natural than the ones, that come as default. This can be done in your phone’s settings:

Download SubReader today!

Get your subtitles read aloud with SubReader on both iPhone and Android phones. All you need to do is to go to either App Store or Google Play, where you can download SubReader for free.



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