∼10% increased target audience


3.800.000 dyslexics in England


Social responsibility, accessibility and impact

Why SubReader?

SubReader is an app that helps people suffering from dyslexia to get subtitles read aloud, making it possible for them to join a trip with their friends to the cinema, on the same terms as everyone else.

To use SubReader, the user scans a QR code outside the screening room, which connects the app to the cinema server. This enables the app to read the subtitles aloud from the screen, as soon as they are displayed. By using one earphone, it’s possible to get the sound from the movie, as well as the spoken subtitles. It’s very discrete and won’t disturb other cinema guests.

A unique opportunity

Everyone should have the ability to enjoy a good movie with friends and family. SubReader is developed with a focus on being as discreet as possible, and to not disturb others.

With SubReader, it’s possible just to bring your phone to the cinema and experience movies on the same terms as everyone else.


Starting kit for cinemas

Here it’s possible to find and download materials, which will help your cinema to get started as a dyslexic-friendly cinema.


Graphic materials

When buying SubReader, a package of different graphic materials will follow, which can be used in the cinema. It includes banners, videos, flyers. Other graphic materials can be made upon request.


SoMe material

This material will make your cinema stand out and ready to start marketing on social media. The package contains examples of different social media posts and ads.


Operational materials

To get started with SubReader, the cinema operator needs certain documentation. This package includes troubleshooting document, FAQ, welcome letter, and guides. This material is individual from cinema to cinema.


Press material

The media are very excited about SubReader and are the perfect way to get your message out in the local community. This package contains different files to make your cinema ready for a press release.

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Get your subtitles read aloud with SubReader on both iPhone and Android phones. All you need to do is to go to either App Store or Google Play, where you can download SubReader for free.



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